Sexual wellness for all people.

Sex made simple.

People first.

Sex is about people so we stand for inclusion for all, no matter your preference.

Body safe.

We work with the best factories in the world to make safe and fuss-free essentials that take out the guess work.

Easily delivered.

We believe in creating products and experiences for health and happiness so we deliver straight to your door.

Maude's Kits

  • burn. stars-five Created with Sketch.

    Skin-softening, jojoba oil-based massage candle.

    $25 / 4 oz.

  • vibe. stars-five Created with Sketch.

    3 speed, USB-charged powerful personal massager.

    $45 / Grey

  • organic shine. stars-five Created with Sketch.

    Naturally hydrating, aloe-based personal lubricant.

    $25 / 8 oz.

  • silicone shine. stars-five Created with Sketch.

    Paraben-free, long-lasting personal lubricant.

    $25 / 8 oz.

  • rise. stars-five Created with Sketch.

    Ultra-thin, easy-to-open latex condoms.

    $12 / 10 Pack

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