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What is the male g-spot?

what is the male g-spot?


Everything you need to know about the underrated erogenous zone.

When it comes to intimacy, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to finding satisfaction. There are so many different ways you can explore your sexuality alone or with a partner, be it through the use of a vibrator, through unexpected erogenous touch, or something as innocuous as a good old massage. Especially when you’ve fallen into more of a routine with your approach to intimacy, trying new things can be beneficial—and really satisfying. All this is to say that, if you have a penis, it might be time to start exploring your prostate—considered by some as the male equivalent to the G-spot. 

A legitimate erogenous zone, a little prostate play can be an easy way to add a whole new dimension to your sex life. The first step is acknowledging the existence of the P-spot. Done. That still leaves you with the fun part—discovery. You might be wondering, “where is the male G-spot?” and it’s a fair question—one that we’ll answer momentarily. And most importantly, we’ll uncover how to stimulate the male G-spot effectively to take your pleasure to the next level. So whether you want to crank up the dial on your next solo session or are curious about spicing things up with a partner, here are some key insights.

What is the male G-spot?

The “male G-spot” location is in your prostate. This sensitive gland is located within the body, behind the penis, and it contains tons of nerve endings making it a perfect target for pleasure—hence the nicknames “male G-spot” or the “male P-spot.” It’s most easily stimulated through the rectum and responds well to very gentle touch, whether from fingers or from plugs designed to be prostate massagers (aka, a male G-spot vibrator).

What to do before hitting the male G-spot

Basic grooming habits apply: i.e. cut and file your fingernails and wash your hands. Once that’s taken care of, remember that relaxation is key. Deep, calming breaths will help your body open up to this strange new sensation happening on your backside. Massage the outside area a little beforehand and then ease your way in. 

Equipment for male G-spot stimulation

Devices like a male G-spot vibrator (which can simply be any gender-neutral vibrator—ahem) or dildos are an easy way to reach your prostate, especially if you’re on a solo mission or the idea of a finger is a little too much for you. They come in all shapes and sizes but generally speaking, you want to find one that is slightly curved and has a good handle. The aforementioned finger also works just as well, be it yours or a partner’s. 

Where is the male G-spot?

The prostate isn’t as hard to reach as you’d think. How deep is the male G-spot? It’s about three-quarters of a finger length inside the anus and feels similar to a walnut. You’ll know you’ve found it when your fingers meet a soft resistance and you suddenly feel increased sensitivity...everywhere.

Male G-spot location: exactly how to find it

You can stimulate the male G-spot both internally and externally—it all comes down to whatever you’re most comfortable with. To reach it inside, extend a finger (yours or your partner’s) about two inches inside the rectum. Externally, you can stimulate it via the perineum (also known, colloquially, as the taint): That part of the skin right in between the scrotum and anus. A vibrator can be really helpful when it comes to hitting the male G-spot here.

How to hit male G-spot

Don’t, and this cannot be stressed enough, be aggressive about your motions. You’re not impatiently pressing an elevator button. It’s not about going in and out but more about massaging the gland once you’re in. Once your finger is about two inches in, press it forward against the wall of the perineum and try a “come here” motion with your fingers, or move your fingers slowly back and forth, side to side, or in circles around the prostate.

How your partner can stimulate your prostate

Even if you and your partner have done other “butt stuff”—but especially if you haven’t—it’s important to talk about what you’re both comfortable with, just as you would anytime you try something new in the bedroom. As long as both partners consent, go ahead, but take things slow. 

What to do when your partner is stimulating your prostate

Honestly, don’t worry too much. Now is the time to let yourself experience the many sensations that are likely to ensue. Do your best to relax and enjoy the ride. Just keep these pointers in mind to make the experience a positive one for everyone.


It probably goes without saying, but it always bears repeating: Talking during sex is a good thing. Tell your partner what feels good, and what doesn’t. If you have boundaries (like sticking to external stimulation over internal) make sure they’re established beforehand.

Relieve yourself ahead of time

Feeling like you need to pee is a very normal response to prostate stimulation. Feeling like you need to poop is a very normal response to anal play. This, combined, can be pretty stressful—so to ensure you can relax during the experience, use the bathroom beforehand. 

Prep however you see fit

If you’re new to anal play, ease yourself into it, and do whatever prep you need to ensure you’re relaxed throughout. Some people prefer using enemas beforehand, but they’re not necessary. A good shower can also put your mind more at ease. Or, if you’d rather just get down to it, that’s totally fine, too.

Have fun

Of course, this is the end goal of pretty much any sexual experience. But remember, again, that communication is key to having a positive prostate-stimulating experience. Speak up if you want to switch positions, try a toy, or change things up at all.

The best sex positions to hit the male G-spot

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of how to find the male G-spot. But to make the experience as comfortable as possible, try one of these positions. You’re certainly not limited to these options but for beginners, they’re a great option.

Face down, butt up

If you’re receiving prostate stimulation, lie facedown with a pillow under your hips to raise your butt ever so slightly. You rest your head to the side or on another pillow—whatever’s most comfortable. Then, your partner can sit or lie next to you to stimulate your prostate. 

Doggy style

This one’s pretty straightforward: If you’re receiving, get down on all fours, while your partner kneels behind you.


If you’re receiving, lie on your side, and bring one leg to your chest, while your partner lies behind you. It might also feel good to have a pillow to stabilize you. 

What if you just don’t feel it?

Prostate stimulation can require some trial and error—so if you don’t feel like you can see through time and space on your first try at hitting the male G-spot, don’t be afraid to try again. Feel free to mix things up with lube, toys, and various positions until you find out what works best for you.

What are other erogenous zones besides the male G spot?

Surprise: The prostate isn’t the only one. If you want to explore further, try stimulating some of these areas. 


The head of the penis—aka, the glans—is very sensitive, which is why it’s a great place to focus on during oral and hand jobs. Lube can help to magnify sensations here, too.


The seam on the underside of the penis, called the frenulum, is also very sensitive—so you can pay it some extra (deliberate!) attention with your thumb or fingers.


As previously mentioned, you can stimulate the male G-spot externally by way of the perineum, but even if prostate stimulation isn’t the goal, this area is still highly erogenous. Consider using your tongue (if you’re open to rimming) or applying a vibrator to the spot. 


Many people appreciate some attention to the balls during oral and hand jobs. The scrotum also has a particularly sensitive area—the seam that runs down its center called the scrotal raphe. Use this information carefully. 

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