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A case for getting busy in the bathroom.

a case for getting busy in the bathroom.

The tub might be the best place for a next-level tête-à-tête.

A sock on the knob, a decidedly closed door, a very handy lock: We’ve long devised our necessary methods to prevent unwanted intrusion into intimate bedroom moments. But maybe we’ve been neglecting the best spot for a romp. After all, the number of bathrooms in the United States has doubled in the past 50 years, per a story by The Atlantic—and what better place to find some privacy than the one room that nearly always gets a knock on the door? 

It makes a lot of sense why our obsession has grown—just think of how many over-the-top photos you’ve seen on Instagram featuring legs outstretched in a tub, with a glass of wine, a book, and maybe some candles handily nearby (hint: the hashtag #bathtime clocks in at 6.1 million photos, while #bathgoals gets a solid 94.5k, proving that yes, a lot of people prioritize not only their hygiene, but documenting their hygiene). And when you have your own washroom, there’s no pressure to hurry up so someone else can jump in; it is, simply put, your own personal spa. Plus, the health benefits of bathing are extensive: from detoxifying and cleansing to balancing your hormones and reducing inflammation.

So why not give bathtime an extra boost? Shower sex is no new offering to the table, but it’s possible you’ve been overlooking the full potential of this unexpectedly clandestine chamber. It’s equal parts exciting—a departure from your somewhat typical bedsheets—and intimate: You surely won’t be interrupted. That’s why, the next time you’re in the mood, your steamiest plan of action may be as simple as turning on the faucet, letting that hot water flow, and pouring in some salts, with a partner or otherwise.

While you may be tempted to snap a #squeakyclean pic in the tub, you might consider leaving technology outside the bathroom. Those five to ten minutes are your time to fully decompress and relish in your privacy, free from deadlines, news alerts, and the incessant alerts from that group chat too far in to leave. It’s no wonder we’re in the midst of a bathroom boom.

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