Our mission is to provide thoughtful and affordable intimacy essentials to all, keeping our footprint in mind with every step.



Outer packaging

Our shipping cartons are locally manufactured with 7% pre-consumer recycled content & 39% post-consumer recycled content with a total recycled content of 46%.

secondary packaging

We have opted against unnecessary secondary-packaging and product inserts were possible for each of our products to reduce the amount of materials used.

glass & plastic.


On top of being curbside recyclable, the glass packaging jars for bath, burn, and soak can be repurposed and used as storage containers and planters.


Our current FDA-approved PET plastics are curbside recyclable as we work towards post-consumer options.


wipe is entirely compostable and made of 100% OEKO-TEX® certified fabric.


Most of our packaging is 100% recyclable (made from pre- and post-consumer recycled content) with standard curbside recycling programs or designated recycling facilities.

Our libido supplement is climate positive and developed with a fully recyclable refill system. The product sits inside travel tins with recyclable trays which also significantly reduce single-use plastics and packaging waste, while making the refill process easy.