spot + shine faq

How often should I charge spot?

We recommend charging spot after every use for optimal life span.

Can I use spot with lubricant?

We recommend using spot with maude shine organic lubricant or any other water-based lubricant of your choice. Avoid use with silicone or oil-based lubricants as it will degrade the silicone.

Is spot waterproof? 

The spot is water-resistant and can be used in the shower and bath. The spot should not be fully submerged.

What is spot made of? 

Spot's soft-touch exterior is made of 100% platinum-grade silicone (RoHs passed and FDA-grade), and is both phthalate-free and latex-free. Our spot is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Is shine organic vegan?

Both of our lubricants are gluten-free, sugar-free, hormone-free, glycerin-free, paraben-free, and contain non-GMO and vegan-friendly ingredients.

What is the pH value of shine organic?

The pH of our lubricant is 4.0–5.0 (and the pH of a typical vagina ranges from 3.5–4.5). Our lubricant uses very minimal trace amounts of preservatives and citric acid as a pH balancer, well within the lines of the FDA guidelines. It is important to us that we make sure our product is as safe as possible.

What materials is shine's bottle made of?

The 8 oz. bottles of shine organic are made from FDA-approved PET plastic, with a plastic pump top for easy-to-use and mess-free dispensing. 

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