scent 101.

a quick guide to our scents.


Our two scent collections evoke memory and are made to set the mood. For daily use, our bath & body offerings are available fragrance-free.

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scent no. 0

A collection of fragrance-free essentials—made for everyday use.

explore no. 0

scent no. 1

Top Notes:
Lemongrass: Bright, uplifting notes to invigorate.

Clove: Warm, spicy notes to stimulate the mind.

Mid Notes:
Cedar leaf: Deep, herbal notes to reduce stress and clear the mind.

Base Notes:
Amber: Dark, spiced notes to improve circulation and lower stress.

Medjool date: Rich, sweet notes to temper mind.

Tonka bean: Smoky, bittersweet notes to increase desire.

scent no. 2

Top Notes:
Lemon California: Bright, purifying citrus notes to invigorate.

Mid Notes:
Pink pepper: Crisp, floral spice enhances alertness and stamina.

Gurjun balsam: Subtly sweet, resinous notes made to calm and recenter.

Base Notes:
Cedarwood Virginia: Smokey, deep wood notes to reduce stress and clear the mind.


Our scent collections are vegan and made with cruelty-free ingredients and are never tested on animals.

All unscented or scented products are phthalate-, sulfate-, glycerin- and paraben-free.