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Maude's New pH-Balanced Body Wash and Bubble Bath Is Exactly What Our Stressed Skin Needs

This Product Helped Me De-Stress for the First Time in 7 Months

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ph-balanced body wash and bubble bath

A pH-balanced body wash fortified with essential vitamins. This fragrance-free formula gently cleanses skin and intimate areas without any irritation, and doubles as a relaxing bubble bath for one person (or more).

Contains omega-3, 6, 0 and vitamins B3, B5, C, and E.

○ Cruelty-free
○ Vegan
○ Fragrance-Free
○ Paraben-free
○ Made in Canada


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from our customers

"My skin has never felt better—I haven't had to use body lotion since I stared using this because it leaves my skin feeling soft and totally moisturized. This product is perfection, one and done. Maude, never change this formula!"

Valerie P.
My new everyday product!

"Absolutely love this body wash! Its the perfect consistency and doesn't have any perfume-y scent which is something I love. It foams lightly as soon as you put it on your body and rinses off easily leaving you with a really clean feeling (no weird build-up)."

Diana F.

"I had high hopes for this wash and it did not disappoint! It's the perfect consistency and leaves no residue–I actually feel clean after using this stuff. I also have a very sensitive nose and hate strong smells, so the scent-free is one of the best parts for me!"

Tatiana E.
“It's hard not to be a big fan of wellness brand Maude; its products are natural and smell fantastic.”
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frequently asked questions

How do I use wash?

wash's gentle pH-balanced formula is recommended for daily use and safe for all skin types. In the shower, gently massage all over the body. Rinse thoroughly. For a bubble bath, pour generously into warm, running water.

Is wash safe for the whole body? What skin types is wash for?

wash was formulated for all skin types and all bodies.

What are the benefits of a pH-balanced body wash?

Our wash is formulated to help skin maintain its natural pH level. Oftentimes, unbalanced washes can interact negatively with sensitive and even normal skin types which can cause irritation and inflammation. At a pH range of 5.5-6.5 with vitamins B3, B5, C & E, wash cleanses, fortifies, and moisturizes skin.

Is wash vegan or cruelty-free?

wash is vegan and made with cruelty-free ingredients. Never tested on animals.

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ultra-hydrating, multi-use body and massage oil

Ideal for daily hydration and massages, this certified organic blend of jojoba, coconut, argan, and castor oil nourishes skin and absorbs quickly leaving you softened head to toe. Also doubles as a moisturizing bath oil. To use, just add to warm water. Fragrance-free.

○ Cruelty-free
USDA-Certified Organic
○ Paraben-free
○ Made in USA