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The appeal of public sex, explained.

The Appeal of Public Sex, Explained.

The science behind going al fresco.

Nothing against sex in private places –– surely we’re all aligned on that front –– but quasi-public intercourse has long had a distinct appeal. Be it a car in a grocery store lot, a restaurant bathroom, or a barside alleyway, the very notion of nearly exhibitionist intercourse is certainly a spicy one. 

Now, we’re not condoning full-scale park bench boning by any stretch. No matter where you’re located, there is likely a battery of laws banning such behavior (think: police charges for public nudity and lude acts). That said, when it comes to some more sly, less potentially offensive iterations of public-adjacent intimacy, you’ve got a bit more leeway (think: sex parties, hall closets, fitting rooms, you know the drill). 

On this note, of course, the naysayers have a fair case: A broom closet sure as hell sounds like a less appealing place for a casual shag than, say, a bed. Nonetheless, convenience and comfort aside, quasi-public hanky panky has a particular allure. Which begs the question: What is so dang enticing about banging out in the open? Allow us to explain:

The risk of getting caught is a turn-on

Without fail, doing something “bad” elicits a rush of adrenaline. And in this particular instance, not only are you doing something somewhat uncouth, but it might also be literally against the law. And while, of course, boning in the bathroom at a party feels lower stakes than, say, in the bushes at your company picnic, both still provide that latent fear of getting caught –– which can certainly boost libido. 

There’s a spontaneity factor

For couples –– or individuals –– sex can often become fairly routine. Whether or not it occurs at regular intervals, it likely does so at night, in bed, under the same set of stipulations. But when it comes to your version of public-ish intercourse, in most cases, the act, itself, is spontaneous. It wasn’t planned –– and to some degree, it’s unexpected. What could be sexier than throwing a wrench in your routines?

You’re crunched for time

Due to the whole “risk” situation, your alfresco intercourse will likely not be a leisurely affair. When you’re in danger of getting caught, it follows that you’ll operate at hyper speed, in the interest of minimizing the window of time in which someone might catch you in the act and, well, arrest you –– or whatever. So, while there’s limited time for drawn-out foreplay, this version of hop-to-it coitus maintains its appeal. It’s not about romance –– it’s about getting your partner off while the clock is ticking. 

It’s novel

Not only does the whole spontaneity factor operate as a way of reinvigorating your sex life, but moreover, the act itself holds a particular novelty. It’s a good story –– and likely, it’s outside of the realm of your normal day-to-day (beyond merely the scope of your sex life). There are few things, as human beings, that we find more reliably energizing than introducing novelty into our worlds. And that sort of endorphin rush will certainly bode well for boning. 

It brings you closer to your partner

Whether the partner in question is your person or more of a fleeting correspondent, there remains a unique intimacy to tackling the likes of library sex together. You’re sharing an experience, a secret, and potentially, a criminal charge. But really –– there’s a vulnerable act of communion that comes with making a risky, sexual choice together. And that version of inhibition-shedding will certainly help to elevate the sex, itself. 

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