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How to have great camping sex.

how to have great camping sex.

Among the many joys of summer is the opportunity to liven up your sex life with romps in unusual places. 

We’ve already covered the logistics of getting it on in the wilderness, but what about within the cozy confines of a tent? There’s no doubt that camping sex in the middle of nowhere can be really hot (see: Brokeback Mountain), but a session of clandestine coitus when the neighboring tent is mere feet away can be equally as thrilling. 

So in the name of making your summer sojourns into the woods as sexy as possible, here’s our maudern guide to great camping sex. 

Come prepared.
Yep, that’s exactly what we mean. If you suspect your camping adventures are going to include those of the horizontal variety, do yourself—and your partner(s)—a favor, and bring a larger tent. A four-person tent will allow for a greater variety of positions. Another crucial piece of foresight? Bring some kind of sleeping pad or mattress. Chances are you’ll be pitching camp on hard, potentially rocky, ground, and so whoever is bottoming can end up feeling bruised rather than blissed.

Spooning is your friend.
Often the go-to position when space is limited, spooning is one of the most practical ways to have sex in a tent. And there’s something to be said for a good old-fashioned zipping together of sleeping bags and keeping things cozy.

Beware of unwanted bedfellows.
We’re all for a tent-based threesome, so long as the third is invited. But forest folk like snakes, spiders, mosquitoes, field mice and other curious creatures are known to enter without knocking. So make sure your tent is free of holes (check the corners and seams in particular) and be sure to zip up the screen. It’s also a good idea to set the mood with a citronella candle outside the tent door (in a sturdy container that won’t get knocked over and cause a fire) and keep the insect repellant within arm’s reach. 

Don’t skip the clean-up.
The first rule of camping? Leave no trace—especially if you’re roughing it out in the woods. Make sure you bring enough protection to last you the trip, but also have a trash bag at the ready to dispose of any used condoms or dental dams. Also important: wet wipes. You may not have direct access to running water, so keep a pack handy for post-coital clean-up. 

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