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A case for outdoor sex.

a case for outdoor sex.

How to go au naturale. 

The mood strikes when it strikes, right? And sometimes that might happen to be in a less-than-conventional location—when you’re hiking in the woods, for example.

We’re all for outdoor sex and its myriad benefits. Remember how we said that adventure was the key to maintaining desire in long-term relationships? Not to mention all that fresh forest air you’ll be inhaling. And what could more natural than reconnecting with our most primal instincts?

That said, there are a few secrets to ensuring a satisfying romp in the wilderness.

Discretion is a virtue.
Of course, one of the joys of outdoor sex is the thrill of potentially being discovered, but keep in mind that such public acts are illegal in many places, so maybe hike a little further into the woods before you get things going. Make sure to keep an eye on what path you took—leave a trail of breadcrumbs or clothing—so you don't get stranded.

Beware the wrath of nature.
Again, we don’t want to ruin the spontaneity, but take the time to scan your general vicinity for anything that could cause you or your partner harm. (Poison ivy anywhere is unpleasant, but we imagine getting it on your nether regions is a whole other realm of pain.) Also keep an eye out for potential pitfalls such as ant nests, beehives, and spiderwebs.

Be creative.
Logs. Boulders. Standing tree trunks. Caves. Mother Nature has provided ample surfaces for getting it on—be adventurous and make the most of it. Have a tarp at the ready, natural bug spray, and possibly a splinter removal kit in case things get out of hand.

Clean up.
Protection is important (and we’re not talking about insect repellent, which may also make your encounter more pleasant), but make sure you’re not leaving any packaging or used condoms behind. Keep the scenic views as beautiful as you found them and perfectly primed for your next outdoor adventure. 

If you’d like to take your amorous outdoor activities to the next level, we also recommend trying sex in a canoe.

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