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How to master car sex.

how to master car sex.

Whether it’s in the back seat, the front seat, on the hood or up against the side, car sex looks pretty damn easy in the movies. In real life, however, the logistics of it are far less glamorous, and—let’s be honest—often just plain awkward.

But don’t let that deter you. There are a lot of benefits to be found in car sex—such spontaneous encounters can inject a welcome spark into a relationship. That said, there are a few keys to mastering the art of the four-wheeled romp. Here’s our maudern guide to car sex.

Be mindful of your location.
Part of the appeal of car sex is the thrill of potentially being caught in the act. But if that person happens to be a member of law enforcement, you could be in some trouble. Park your car in a location that’s reasonably secluded (if only to avoid being rudely interrupted mid-coitus).

Opt for moonlight.
Another surefire way to limit your chances of getting caught? Keep your automobile antics to the hours between dusk and dawn, when it’s much harder to see through the windows.

Keep your car clean.
A messy car can yield all sorts of surprise objects, many of which you’d probably prefer not to encounter while naked. So if you’re anticipating getting any kind of vehicular action, do yourself (and your partner) a favor and make sure your car is clean and tidy.

Customize your space.
Fortunately, car interiors can be adapted all manner of ways, so make sure you use all the bells and whistle to your advantage. Put the seat back, raise the steering wheel, open the sunroof—whatever helps you achieve optimal limberness.

Remember to put the handbrake on …
We’ll let you work that one out for yourself.

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