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What to do after sex.

what to do after sex.

We talk a lot about how to up your game before and during sex, but what about afterward? A healthy sex life means taking care of yourself once the deed is done too. Here’s how.

Snuggle a little.
Take a few minutes to snuggle with your partner and bask in that post-coital glow. It’s a great way to cultivate intimacy and strengthen emotional bonds, but also to revel in the endorphins that are already pulsing through your body as a result of good sex.

Take a bathroom break.
Some doctors recommend urinating within 15 minutes following sex to help rid the urinary tract of bacteria and reduce the risk of UTIs. While there have only been a few concrete studies conducted on the subject, it still can’t hurt to get into the habit. And while you’re at it, be sure to wash your genitals with a non-irritating cleanser or wipe to help keep things clean.

Swig some water.
Hopefully by this stage of your life, you’ve learned the benefits of drinking plenty of water. And since there’s a good chance you worked up a sweat during your sex session, make sure to replenish those fluids by drinking plenty of water afterward.

Give your partner(s) a confidence boost.
Everyone likes to hear when they’ve done a good job. Let your partner(s) know how much you enjoyed having sex with them and if there’s something they did that you found especially pleasurable. After all, open communication is one of the keys to a healthy sex life and good relationships.

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