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The best time of the day for sex.

the best time of the day for sex.

A non-partisan look at the optimal hour for getting down.

Like with sweatsuits and bloody marys, there’s no wrong time to have sex. But nevertheless, the age-old debate persists: Morning sex? Bed-time sex? Afternoon delight? Which hour reigns erotically supreme?

And while plenty of folks have made their cases over the years, it would seem that we’ve still yet to reach a consensus. So, in the interest of neutrality, we’re taking the time to outline the benefits of each: Morning, Afternoon, and Nighttime pleasure. Sure, we suggest you try them all. But without actually test-driving the variables, here’s what you ought to know:

Morning Romp
According to behavioral psychologists, it’s standard for men to wake up already aroused. Apparently, sleep makes for excellent foreplay — so it’s not rare for men to prefer morning sex. That said, plenty of women find the morning to be the most erotic time of day as well. 

Whether or not you greet the day fully turned on, morning sex can help stimulate you before the workday. Those early endorphins can be key — nothing guarantees a better in-office Keynote presentation like a healthy dose of morning sex (or...we like to think so).  On weekends, then, mornings typically provide ample time. Brunch plans aside, you’re plenty well-rested, and you’ve got nowhere to be. 

Afternoon Delight
Sure, the afternoon is often out of the question when we all report to respective workplaces. But that said, while enduring quarantine, perhaps you and your partner should consider a 3pm “coffee break.” 

As outlined in a 2018 study, 3pm has some serious erotic benefits. For heterosexual couples, mid-afternoon just so happens to be the time when women’s and men’s hormonal levels synch up: Men will hit an estrogen peak which can help them relate to their partners, and in turn, women will reach a cortisol peak, which can help to boost energy. In a lot of ways, it’s just like a coffee break...if your daily caffeine intake requires penetration.

Otherwise, the afternoon can be stimulating purely for its spontaneity. For most of us, it’s a rarity to find ourselves with both our partners and a small brick of free time midday. So, whether it’s just a weekend treat or the occasional WFH surprise, there’s definitely some arousal to fighting the afternoon slump with an afternoon hump (sorry). 

Night Moves
Unsurprisingly, this is the most common of the three — and with good reason. Evening is inherently sexy. You’ve got the whole cover of darkness thing going on. Maybe you’re dressed up. Maybe you’ve had a glass of wine. You have plenty of hours before work tomorrow. Naturally, you’re in bed. 

Sure, you might be tired. It can be hard to set the mood when you’re depleted to begin with. But at the same time, a little nighttime play can be a great release right before bed. In fact, according to research, oxytocin, a hormone that’s generally released in the midst of any brand of sensual activity, can be like a sleep wonder drug. It provides relief and catharsis, which may just help lull you to sleep. 

Then, cuddling is a matter of preference. But in most cases, at least at night, you’ve got the option.
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