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the lesser-known erogenous zones.

credit: Tanja Heffner

Erogenous zones—areas of the body that arouse sexual stimulation in response to a mere brush of skin or breath—can be elusive little devils. Our bodies are all wired differently, so what might work for one person may be a complete, shall we say, anticlimax for another.

So in the spirit of making sex simple, we’ve rounded up some of the lesser-known erogenous zones you may have been missing.

Tip of the nose
Fun fact: The tissue in our noses is actually similar to erectile tissue and can become engorged with blood, which is why we get blocked noses (some say it also happens when we lie). But for some people, the tip and nostrils are also extra sensitive, as is the philtrum, the groove between your nose and upper lip.

This can be a little a little awkward if you happen just to be playing a benign game of Telephone, but, otherwise, a little bit of whispering in the ear can hit the arousal jackpot. You can also try massaging the lobes between your forefinger and thumb to stimulate the nerve endings.

Any kind of massage is usually a good way to get things started because it helps release oxytocin, but a scalp massage can be especially arousing. A little bit of hair-pulling (or heavy tousling) might also do the trick ... but we recommend you start things off gently.

Sure, armpits don’t generally rank high on the list of the sexiest body parts (though the pheromones they secrete can be one of the keys to sexual attraction). But some strategic stimulation, such as tickling, can awaken them as a powerful erogenous zone—likewise for the inner elbow.  

We’ll leave the thrill of discovery up to you, but we will say this—a little bit of vibration  usually helps.

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