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The lowdown on anal play.

The Lowdown on Anal Play.

Butt stuff that Isn’t just penetrative sex.

It’s not exactly difficult to imagine why “butt stuff” harks instantly to full-on anal sex. While we’ve made some serious progress in recent years re: anal discourse, we’ve 
certainly spent less time in public forums demystifying anal pleasure. Which is to say, “anal” usually means one thing: Penetration. But like with any other form of penetrative sex, there are plenty of salacious activities, modes of foreplay, and opportunities to explore the anal region before you, well, enter through the backdoor. 

The anus is rife with nerve endings—so whether you’re engaging in anal play as a way to turn up the temperature on other sexual activities, as foreplay for anal sex, or simply as a pleasure ritual all on its own, there’s a whole lot to be gained from a little exploration. So, for those of you wondering where, exactly, to get started, here are a handful of common, helpful approaches to anal play that aren’t full-on anal sex. 

Upgrade your normal foreplay

If you’re just getting started in the realm of anal play, you might want to try merely adding a bit of anal stimulation into your more standard sexual routines with your partner. Next time you’re in bed, whether you’re gearing up for penetrative sex, oral action, or just hand stuff, weave in some anal massaging. It can be as simple as running a finger around the anus while doing...whatever else you’re doing. Odds are, it’ll elevate your partner’s pleasure—just make sure you’re asking for consent before exploring a new part of your partner’s body.

Employ a butt plug

With any form of solo play, a vibrator (or a tool of some other kind) can be critical to finding your pleasure points and ingratiating yourself with your own body. Which is to say, a butt plug is a great way to experiment with pressure and/or vibration around the anus on your terms. Give yourself some exploratory time—then, if you like what you feel, try introducing the toy with a partner as well.  

Massage the perineum

The perineum refers to the area between the balls and the anus, or the vagina and the anus—and it tends to be a particularly sensitive area of the body. Rubbing this area with your fingers (or the tongue if you’re feeling bold) will certainly elicit pleasure—and help draw attention to that particular area of the body. 

Go for the finger

If you are hoping to engage in some properly penetrative anal play, it’s wise to test your limits before you lean all the way in. Start with a finger, move slow, and be sure to check in with your partner (or yourself) every step of the way. If things go well, you can think of it as gateway penetration.

Give some elevated oral 

Because the perineum is so sensitive, a great way to enjoy some anal action is through oral. Use your tongue in and around the anus and the perineum while massaging the area with your fingers—and if all goes well and you’d like to take things up a notch, try penetrating with your tongue. 

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