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More sleep, better sex.

more sleep, better sex.

Sex drive can be a fickle thing. Sometimes it’s there, raring to go, while other times it’s difficult even to muster up an inkling of desire.

While most sex therapists identify the culprits of low sex drive as being performance anxiety and communication issues, an article from Psychology Today revealed that, in the United States, there’s something else getting in the way of us getting it on. We’re just too damn tired.

Apparently, Americans have a significant sleep debt (around 30% of adults sleep six hours or fewer per night) and it’s affecting our sex lives. And while it’s true that there could be other factors contributing to low sex drive, there’s a strong chance that a good night’s sleep could help relight those internal fires.

So how do we achieve more peaceful slumber?

Low activity breeds more low activity, and as it turns out low sex drive. Exercise more throughout the day, even if it’s just taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Plan AM or PM (socially distanced) walks for dates and get the blood pumping, so to speak.

Clean up before you get down.
Cleanliness, well, its next to godliness. It can also help loosen your muscles and relax. Take a hot shower or bath before you slide between the sheets. Or just stay in the bathroom for a little romp.

Vitamin D
Take your vitamins kids, even if that means laying in the park or standing in the sun. Get plenty of sunlight during the day, but keep your bedroom as dark as possible at night. It's all about balance and black out shades.

Screen Time
If you've ever fallen asleep scrolling through Twitter or watching reruns of Dawson's Creek you are not alone. American adults spend more than 11 hours looking at screens. Give your eyes and mind a rest. Curb your screen time before bed—try reading a book (maybe an erotic one?) or meditating instead.

Hot in Here
Sometimes to get things hot you have to start cold. For optimal sleep, keep your bedroom temperature chilly (around 65ºF). There are other ways to warm things up.

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