sex dreams unpacked.

sex dreams unpacked.

May 20, 2020
Caroline Eppright

Read this and then go back to bed.

We’ve all probably had a few recurring dreams like being late for something, not being prepared for a test, or our teeth falling out. They can represent an underlying source of stress that we don’t acknowledge while we’re awake. The emotional brain trumps the more objective, cognitive brain, and it just so happens that our emotional brains are more active when we sleep. Sometimes our dreams can be scary, and other times they can be about scary good sex. 

The Co-Worker Sex Dream
Let’s set the scene: someone you haven’t given a second thought to – or someone you might even despise – turns up in your dream, and things start to get…a little steamy. It can make going to work extra weird.  Sound familiar? It turns out that 84 percent of people have had a sex dream about someone they work with. And while sleeping with a co-worker is frowned upon by HR, sleep experts say these dreams could point to our underlying anxieties, without actually meaning that we want to get it on with Taylor in accounting. 

The Ex Sex Dream
Occasionally, an ex will show up completely unannounced and have a starring role in a dream. Which makes us wonder if it’s a sign that we should rethink our breakup. But most likely, your pesky subconscious has been triggered by something that reminds you of them – whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or a song you both loved. If they begin occupying your thoughts while you’re awake, it might be time to figure out why. 

The Celebrity Sex Dream 
Having a sex dream that involves a celebrity is exciting and pretty common. It makes sense – this person is probably very attractive, and you may have even fantasized about them when you’re awake. So when they show up during a dream –as a sexual partner, no less – it can feel very real. Most often, though, dreams about having sex with someone famous reflect our need to feel special, important and have people admire us. 

The "I Didn't See That One Coming" Sex Dream
Having a dream about someone other than your sexual orientation might throw you for a loop. But it turns out this is also very common too. Sex therapist Vanessa Martin points out that dreams and fantasies don’t necessarily have anything to do with reality. Sometimes “our brains like to wander off,” she says. And for women, these types of dreams are more likely to happen during a specific time in their cycles. Martin also says that being open to the idea of sexual exploration is never a bad idea -- especially if done safely -- so if that’s something that piques interest or desire, go for it. 

The “Cheating”  Dream
If you’re dreaming about hooking up with someone other than your partner, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to cheat on them. It could, in fact, signal a subconscious desire for a big change. Studies have shown that it’s possible to orgasm while we dream about sex. 

sex dreams unpacked.

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