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Why sexual fantasies are good for the brain.

why sexual fantasies are good for the brain.

The Sunday crossword in the New York Times. Remembering where we put our car keys. Understanding the second season of Westworld. There are times when our brains need a little bit of help.

But before you reach for that cup of coffee or another preferred stimulant to get those neurons firing, consider taking a few minutes to indulge in sexual fantasy. On top of, well, getting your blood flowing—sexual fantasies can stimulate your brain in more ways than you'd expect. 

focus group of 60 individuals, split into two groups was asked to think of either loving, more romantic thoughts or sexual, more fantastical visions. The subjects were given cognitive tests to test focus. The researchers found opposite results from the groups—different pieces of the brain were enhanced by the type of thought being asked of the participant. 

Increase in analytical thinking

The group of those asked to fantasize about sex revealed that we can kickstart the analytical part of the brain that helps us with focus and problem-solving. Participants in the study proved to be far better at analytical tasks right after enjoying a sexual fantasy or two. There's a case to be made for morning sex to start your day off sharp.

How fantasies stimulate creativity

If you need to be more creative, on the other hand, the answer is romance. The study also found that thinking about love can stimulate creativity by triggering global brain processing that allows us to connect disparate ideas and see the bigger picture. It seems matters of the heart—especially in longer-term mental narratives—play into a more idealistic brain space.

Sexual fantasies to get you started

The most common sexual fantasies center on a few types of narratives. The first is sex with someone other than your current partner—forbidden fruit if you will. The idea of breaking out of your normal cadence—or lack thereof—gets people feeling steamy. On the subject of rule-breaking—people gravitate towards taboo and forbidden circumstances—ones that add spice or play with dynamics—that may normally go beyond their and their partner's comfort zones.

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