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What meyers briggs can say about your sex life.

What Meyers Briggs can say about your sex life.

If you need a good playlist, just ask an INFJ.

In the year 2021, proclaiming that you’re “not into labels” will likely put you in the minority. We’re not talking about relationships here, though. Horoscopes, love languages, and all the topics you might read about in a New Age bookstore have proliferated in popularity in recent years as people search for new ways to define who they are and what they want. 

While looking at your birth chart may or may not tell you a lot about your place in the cosmos, there’s another test that may give you a more direct understanding of yourself: Myers-Briggs. This personality test (which should take about 10 minutes to complete) eight different factors of your persona: whether you’re extroverted or introverted, and whether you’re more likely to sense or intuit, think or feel, and perceive or judge. Of the 16 different personality types, you can be a giver, thinker, advocate, and so much more. 

Of course, there’s so much your Myers-Briggs can tell you—but let’s consider one particular angle: What it says about your sex life.

ISTJ, The Inspector:

 You’re all about strategy, and while others may think that makes you cut and dry, you know you’re just optimizing your life. Penciling in time for intimacy on your Google Cal is by no means out of the question.

ISTP, The Crafter:

 Having all your senses satisfied invigorates you, so you love to set the scene with the best candles, sheets, playlists, and more.

ISFJ, The Protector:

 If anyone can be described as “gentle-hearted,” it’s you. Sometimes, you just want to Netflix and chill—literally.

ISFP, The Artist:

 You’re a pretty easy-going person, and you’re certainly not afraid to be spontaneous—whether that means trying something new in bed or ditching the bed altogether.

INFJ, The Advocate:

 If there’s one thing you’re going to do, it’s talking it out. Of course, that might mean having a heart-to-heart or just putting on the right playlist that tells your partner how you feel.

INFP, The Mediator:

 A bonafide idealist, you like everything to be just right—which means you’re especially quick to romanticize, for better or for worse.

INTJ, The Architect:

 You’re not necessarily the most romantic person—you prefer to think of facts over feelings. Don’t forget to leave some time for daydreaming. 

INTP, The Thinker:

 Chances are, you’re the person in your group chat who sends screenshots of texts for everyone to decode. You always want the why behind everything your partner does.

ESTP, The Persuader:

 You love to get things done, and you know how to sweet-talk your way into getting what you want. Plus, you’re good at giving compliments.

ESTJ, The Director: 

You like when things have a purpose and order—but don’t be afraid to switch things up now and then. Who knows? Putting aside your dominant nature for the night might be just what you need. 

ESFP, The Performer: 

You know you’re charming—you can probably even wink without it looking weird (a rare talent). Have you considered giving role-playing ago?

ESFJ, The Caregiver:

 Some would say you’re generous in bed, you say you just want the object of your affection to feel good. It might be time to work on your massage skills

ENFP, The Champion:

 Creative and outgoing, you’ve probably been commended for your flirting skills some time or other. Your warm nature makes you particularly attentive in the bedroom.

ENFJ, The Giver:

 You’re a passionate person, especially when you’re with someone you can see a future with. You don’t quite have daydreams as much as you imagine five-year plans.

ENTP, The Debater: 

You’re one to think out of the box, which means you’re pretty much always game to try something new. But you can never seem to give up teasing as your preferred means of flirting. 

ENTJ, The Commander: 

Let’s just say that you know what you like and you’re not afraid to tell your partner exactly that. 

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