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How your personality impacts your sex life.

how your personality impacts your sex life.

Being neurotic might be affecting your love life.

The world would be utterly boring if we all had the same personality type—and that’s especially true when it comes to bedroom antics.

A recent study in Psychology Bulletin explored five of the most common personality traits and how they impact our sexual behavior. Curious? Here’s a quick rundown on what they discovered.

While agreeable people are usually considerate, kind and focus on making other people feel good, they’re often not as interested in sex as other personality types. They reported feeling less desire and having less sex than usual (and also fewer STIs), but overall were satisfied with the sex they do have.

If you’re particularly organized and detailed oriented, you likely fall into the conscientious personality category. While it might seem like someone who loves planning and scheduling would have a rather routine and boring sex life, that’s actually not the case. Their sexual proclivities might be a little more conventional than other people’s, but they still report being sexually satisfied and less likely to experience issues in the bedroom. Why? Because they pay attention to the details that can enhance sex, like setting the mood or knowing what turns their partner—and themselves—on.

Extraverts are having the most sex of all us, which makes sense since they’re always looking to stay stimulated and busy. They’re more likely to have a penchant for casual sex and report greater satisfaction levels than average, but there’s also a higher chance that they could be unfaithful.

Unsurprisingly, people who are generally curious and open to experiencing new things are often more adventurous and liberal-minded when it comes to sex. They're also more likely to acknowledge when they feel same-sex attractions (and identify as bisexual, pansexual, or gay) and tend to have imaginative sexual fantasies. 

Neurotic people are the least sexually satisfied of the bunch. And that ties into the fact that they’re often dissatisfied with life in general—after all, when you’re consistently stressed, easily annoyed, and emotionally unstable, it’s hard to enjoy much at all.

Read Tonic’s complete rundown on how personality impacts your sex life.

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