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Synonyms for sex.

synonyms for sex.

50 euphemisms from “doing it” to “squat thrusts in the cucumber patch”.

“Sex” carries considerable meaning for a one-syllable word. But for the endless breadth of verbs that fall under the umbrella of “intercourse,” it comes as no surprise that we’ve also masterminded an impressive roster of euphemisms over the past few centuries. 

Think about it: Sex has been around for time immemorial—and for just a long, we’ve been giving it clever, pithy nicknames. In fact, the first recorded use of “F*ck” as a stand-in for intercourse occurred in the year 1508—and plenty of the other outlandish word-combinations we toss around were formulated at a similar time when public sex talk was deemed far from inappropriate. They were code words if you will. So, whether you prefer, “bone,” “bumping uglies,” or “amorous congress,” the fun, alt-sex terms within your standard lexicon come from a great, long tradition. 

That said, if you’re looking to expand your traditional limits in the realm of sex synonyms, boy do we have some vocabulary words for you. With the aid of friends, colleagues, the occasional historical novel, and the World Wide Web, we’ve culled together a list of our absolute favorite sex-adjacent terms, divided into classics, one-word-wonders, food-related phrasings, and “WTF,” Use it wisely. 

1. Doing it
2. Getting laid
3. Funny business
4. Making love
5. Hanky panky
6. Tapping ass
7. Shaking sheets
8. Amorous congress
9. Jumping bones
10. Knocking boots

    11. Shagging
    12. Screwing
    13. Nailing
    14. Boning
    15. Banging
    16. Doddling
    17. Boinking
    18. Porking
    19. Yentzing
    20. Tromboning
    21. Shtupping

      Food-Related Phrasings
      22. Baking the potato
      23. Buttering a biscuit
      24. Putting the bread in the oven
      25. Getting one’s kettle mended
      26. Horizontal refreshment
      27. Bam-bam in the ham
      28. Planting the parsnip
      29. Sending out for sushi
      30. Tossing a hot dog down the hallway
      31. Having your corn ground
      32. Groping for trout in a peculiar river
      33. Bringing an al dente noodle to the spaghetti house
      34. Doing squat thrusts in the cucumber patch

      35. Bedroom rodeo
      36. Basket-making
      37. Doing the Devil’s dance
      38. Hot yoga
      39. Parallel parking
      40. Rolling in the hay
      41. Wetting the willy
      42. Matrimonial polka
      43. Bumping uglies
      44. Chesterfield rugby
      45. Dancing the goat’s jig
      46. Two-person pushups
      47. Going heels-to-Jesus
      48. Putting the wand in the chamber of secrets
      49. Seeing a man about a dog
      50. Taking old one eye to the optometrist 

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