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A beginner’s guide to anal.

a beginner’s guide to anal.

Getting behind the act safely.

Maybe you’ve thought about it, maybe it’s your go-to, or maybe a partner has mentioned it as something they’d like to try.

Anal sex is often something that’s shrouded in mystery, or at least super awkward to talk about, but it can be an extremely pleasurable way to have sex. For those who have a prostate gland, anal sex can provide intense stimulation, while those with a vagina often experience internal clitoral stimulation.

If you’ve been wanting to give it a try, there are some things to keep in mind that will make your first foray into rear entry more enjoyable. Here’s our beginner’s guide to anal.

Work your way up to it.

As with vaginal sex, anal can be painful the first time, so before you get to the actual intercourse, start off with some foreplay. This can consist of using the fingers or devices for anal stimulation to get an idea of how it feels. Once you feel ready, you can ease into full penetration.

Take it slow.

Make sure initial penetration is gradual. If you are receiving anal, be sure to communicate to your partner about how it feels and if it hurts too much. If you are giving it, be attentive to your partner’s comfort and pain level.

Lube is your friend.

The anal canal is less flexible than the vaginal canal and it also doesn’t lubricate itself, so you’re likely going to need some added lube. Silicone lubricant works best because it’s more slippery and lasts longer than other lubes.

Use protection.

Even if you’re in a monogamous relationship, we always recommend using a condom during anal sex to help prevent the spread of bacteria. But don’t ever go from anal to vaginal sex with the same condom (baby wipes can also help to keep things clean).

One last thing to remember: If anal sex just really isn’t for you or it makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t ever feel pressured into doing it.

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