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Can acupuncture improve your sex drive?

Can Acupuncture Improve Your Sex Drive?

The notable connections between intercourse and acupuncture.

Comparisons are rarely drawn between sex and the practice of penetrating your skin with several long, sharp needles...for obvious reasons. But “penetration” wordplay aside, there are, in fact, notable connections between intercourse and acupuncture––and not just in the realm of hyper-specific sensory kinks. Several practitioners argue that acupuncture is a plenty effective means of stimulating sex drive, without turning to OTC drugs or supplements. 

Origins of Acupuncture

As an ancient form of alternative medicine, acupuncture has been a popular practice across Asia for millennia. And now, while practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine still perform healing rituals by way of acupuncture across the globe, so do plenty of certified Medical Doctors. The idea is fairly simple: Using ultra-thin needles to ever so slightly puncture the skin, specialists are stimulating your body to heal itself. Different parts of your biome recognize the “threat” and begin to work, of their own accord, to induce healing in any given area. Whether the idea is to help heal an injury, to aid with painful headaches, or to combat anxiety, the goal is to push your body to direct its energy towards the problem at hand––rather than turning to foreign substances like traditional drugs. 

Stimulating your Sex Drive

This applies to your sex drive, too. And no, you need not shove a needle into your genitalia for results. Being that a lowered libido is more likely a result of your brain than your body, several access points can be utilized to help stimulate sex drive. These are called “acupoints” in the biz. And these points are designed to help you get out of your head, and more intimately into your body. 

Additional Health Benefits

Of course, most acupuncturists do not believe that acupuncture should take the place of any required medical treatments (ie you should still consult your doctor if this is a serious, chronic issue for you), but folks across the globe have seen great success when it comes to ameliorating any number of the symptoms that typically give way to a lower libido by way of acupuncture: fatigue, anxiety, depression, digestive issues. Moreover, it’s often utilized to help balance hormones, which align to make you...hornier. 

Best of all? Among the benefits of giving acupuncture a shot (get it??) are the utter lack of side effects. If it doesn’t work it just….doesn’t work. That’s it. No fine print.

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