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Is sex good for your skin?

Is Sex Good For Your Skin?

Maybe they're born with it, maybe it’s orgasm. 

All great Internet Soliloquies begin with the same, storied opening line: “So, a lot of you have been asking me about my skincare routine”––after which, you’ll likely hear a Youtube heiress wax poetic about toning, exfoliation, night masks, cardio, and maybe the thrice daily consumption of a rare variety of Japanese sweet potato. But perhaps what your skin truly needs is even more fun than jumping jacks or pore strips (combined): Orgasm.

That’s right, plenty of dermatologists and women’s healthcare providers have found a legitimate link between clear, even, glowing skin tone, and a healthy, active sex life. And no, we don’t simply mean the traditional “Post-O Glow”––we mean tried and true, long term healthy skin, even after the tingly effects of climax dissipate. 

For starters, orgasm––be it with a partner or by way of masturbation––releases a cocktail of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and prolactin, all of which work together to quell the effects of cortisol, the hormone that we tend to associate with stress or anxiety. Naturally, stress-related acne is among the most common forms of break-out (your body produces an excess of oil in response to said stress) may as well start thinking of your O as a complimentary pimple patch. On the other hand, breakouts aside, a reduction in cortisol levels can also aid with collagen production, keeping your skin smooth and elastic (and free of wrinkles or scars). 

Moreover, there is something behind that dewey post-coital shine you seem to notice in the mirror. Sex is a form of exercise like any other, so sweating will help clear your pores, and exertion will increase blood flow to your skin, giving your facial features an immediate oxygen boost. But that doesn’t have to be fleeting. According to leading dermatologists, keeping those cortisol levels sustainably low over time (think: 3-6 orgasms a week) will have a lasting benefit in staving off breakouts and keeping complexion clear and even in the long term. 

Sure, there are plenty of instances in which boning and beauty do not go hand in hand. You may experience the occasional facial beard rash thanks to your partner’s scruff, or you may find yourself falling asleep without washing your face or going through the motions of your standard skincare regimen. But...don’t blame that on the sex. Orgasm isn’t a substitute for skincare––it’s just an exceptional added bone-us. 

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