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Saving the sex lives of our future generations.

saving the sex lives of our future generations.

One of the many virtues of using a condom is that it can spare you the stress of an unwanted pregnancy. But if you do eventually decide to go down the path of creating a human of your own, bear this in mind—overzealous parents are ruining their children's sex lives.

Sure, moms and dads have been cramping their kids’ style since basically the beginning of time, but a new conundrum has emerged in recent years. Parents have become so focused on cultivating their offspring into delightful, cultured beings that they’re depriving them the opportunity for unstructured play.

Without unstructured play, studies show, not only do kids’ creativity and problem-solving skills suffer, but they also may not develop the social skills that are conducive to healthy sexual relationships. After all, the playground is where we learn to communicate, cooperate, resolve conflict, and flirt—all important aspects of a good sexual partnership.

And in our opinion, playtime should last well into adulthood anyway. 

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