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On fertility and lube.

on fertility and lube.

We could wax lyrical for at least an hour about the wonders of lube and how it can enhance your sex life. But if you're trying to get pregnant, does it affect your fertility?

In a recent article for Modern Fertility, women's health nurse practitioner Kara Earthman breaks down how lube functions in relation to your body and how it can impact fertility.

Earthman notes that during a woman's ovulation cycle, cervical mucus actually changes consistency to become more clear and runny than usual. This creates more favorable conditions for sperm to swim and reach the egg.

But a lot of women experience vaginal dryness, which means their natural lubrication isn't always sufficient. As a result, intercourse can become painful, which studies show can reduce the chances of conception. So using certain lubes—like our shine organic—can increase your chances of fertility by making the process easier and by giving sperm a bit of a boost on its way to glory. 

Read more of Earthman's article on the impact of lube on fertility.



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