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Molly goddard & joel jeffery.

Molly Goddard & Joel Jeffery.

As a part of our maudern people series, we asked London-based founders Molly Goddard & Joel Jeffery for insights on modern intimacy. Molly & Joel own the sleepwear line Desmond & Dempsey.

What is your relationship status:


How long have you been together?
10 Years! 

How did you meet?
In a pub in Canada on ski seasons… 

In your day to day life, how do you make time for intimacy?
M: We run D&D together so intimacy comes in lots of shapes and sizes. Sometimes it is a quick smooch in the kitchen while no one is watching, or a little reassuring foot tap in a stressful meeting. It’s sometimes having a hunk of cheese and a bottle of wine for dinner on the floor, after one of those days. 

J: Working together every day we are lucky that we get to sneak in little bits of intimacy throughout the day. It could be standing in elevators on the way up to important meetings with our hands in the air and turning around in circles saying “we are wonderful”. A quick wink or squeeze on the leg when you’re doing a good job. Sometimes it’s a dance around the kitchen at home, sometimes it’s little things like going out running to F Mondays on a freezing dark winter morning to bring back a shop coffee. Often it’s laying a lavish picnic on the living room floor, lighting a candle and getting fish & chips, and lying on the sofa together. 

With social distancing & quarantine, how has human contact changed for you?
M: It has become even more important. I never want to do a Zoom quiz again. I want to steal fries off friends’ plates. I want to wander into a shop and feel everything. I want to hug my Mum and Dad.  I want to not see Joel for a whole day and then jump into his arms when he walks through the door. I want to have a meeting with a team where we can actually feel the same piece of fabric. 

J: Just craving normal. I hate not being able to see people smile when we’re in masks. Sometimes a normal phone call is better than Zoom. I’ve really missed all the unexpected things that happen in your day when you leave home or need to travel to a meeting. I’m from a big family and we’re all very close and I think we’ve all missed seeing each other. I do kind of enjoy seeing the awkwardness of what people do when you haven’t seen them for a while and you’re not quite sure if you’re allowed to hug or need to do a foot tap or something. 

You feel most loved when_
M: Mum and Dad pick me up from the airport (they live in Australia).
J: Molly wraps her arms around me when I’m doing the washing up. 

A favorite literary or on-screen romance: 
M: Arnie & Alicia ( a Man from Uncle) 
J: The Prime

Unexpected turn-on:
M: Joel’s terrible dancing.
J: Molly singing in the shower

The perfect date: 
M: Seafood. Near a Beach. Sunset. 
J: Good setting, unfussy fresh food, near the sea, no white table cloths & pretense. 

Your in the mood food:
M: Bread. Wine.
J: Great seafood

Drink of choice: 
M: Champagne
J: A cold beer

A sexy or intimate song you love:
M: This Guy In Love with You 
J: Ascension (Don’t ever wonder) by Maxwell

Dating advice to your younger self: 
M: You’re going to meet the ‘one’ very early, so kiss as many boys as quickly as you can!
J: Move to Australia

What your parents said about love and relationships:
M: The boy should go to the bar?! 
J: When you know, you know.

Favorite scent: 
M: Burning Sandalwood. 
J: Fresh Air in the Mountains