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Beyond the bedroom.

beyond the bedroom.

A note from our founder on the bath collection and cultivating intimacy.

Before we launched maude, the sexual wellness industry could be defined by the ubiquity of the experience, be it on shelf or online: The confusing over assortment, the opaque pricing and quality, and the loud marketing that catered to an imaginary flock of undergrads—the only ones who have sex, it seems. For 100 years, the market had been dominated by legacy brands who had focused so heavily on how to sell “sex” (to one gender and age group), that they overlooked the most important things: intimacy and the real customer.

We believed the industry needed a change. You agreed.

“Branding wise, most (existing sexual wellness brands) come off as really cheap and talk about sex in a way that doesn’t feel real to me as a consumer.“ - Maude Survey, 2017

In April of 2018, after two years of research, and through the lens of quality, simplicity, and inclusivity, maude introduced five neutral, fairly-priced products: rise natural latex condoms, shine silicone lubricant, shine organic lubricant, the vibe, and the quickie kit (two condoms and a vial of shine).

In November, after your feedback asking for expanded intimacy, we introduced a massage candle, burn. Forbes called it “…the best scented candle they’ve come across in a long time.”

It flew off of the digital shelves.

From balmy Florida to the crags of Alaska, you wrote in explaining that in such a short time, the assortment and approach of maude had become a point of discussion within their households—an opportunity to reexamine what intimacy beyond sex means in their everyday.

“Thoughtfully designed products like this are so important in helping people embrace their sexual selves, without the stigma.” - Sarah

A dialogue opened. “What to make next?” we asked.


It made sense. A 2017 study of 40,000 people in the Journal of Sex Research discovered that setting the mood was the number one thing people did to keep their relationships active. Bathing, a ritual that provides health benefits including the release of stress-reducing hormones, more than sets the mood.

Bathing together—or alone—provides an opportunity for a sensory and quiet moment, a respite from the pace and din of our tech-punctuated lives.

After listening to our community, and working directly with factories over the course of six months, we’re proud to announce the release of our bath collection, a gentle line featuring a relaxing mineral Dead Sea salt soak in our signature scent no. 1, a soothing coconut milk bath, a tub kit, and wipe, water-activated compostable towelettes. 

The bath launch continues to solidify our commitment to building the company with our customer and advocating for taking the time for intimacy—in and beyond the bedroom.

This is the future of modern sexual wellness. And it is yours.


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