Portrait by Andreas Pless


Mar 23, 2020
maude team
Portrait by Andreas Pless

As a part of our maudern people series, we asked Copenhagen-based art director Ruben Hughes for insights on modern intimacy in a time of mandated isolation. Originally from New York, Hughes has an extensive client list including Gap, MENU, Instagram, Squarespace and currently serves as the creative director for ILLUM.

What is your relationship status?

With social distancing & quarantine, how has intimacy and human contact changed?
Intimacy and human contact have admittedly slowed down for me. I'm used to taking long walks with friends and loved ones every other day. Now, we resort to conversations from my window to the street below or Facetime. 

Now that we're all forced into having more time in our lives, I've been able to have more substantive conversations.

How do you make time for intimacy? 
I've found that these past days have gotten deeper than a person's touch. There are new people in my life that might have been too busy to talk before the government lockdowns. Now that we're all forced into having more time in our lives, I've been able to have more substantive conversations. All we have now is our words and distance apart. That has to mean something more than ever before.

What is your shared goal of the space (or spaces) you occupy? 
To make it comfortable for both day and night as I'm spending every minute here. During the day, I'm working from home and need to be productive and inspired. During the night, I want to bring in a cozy feeling that can extend throughout the space. 

What is a new activity you are planning to try? 
I'm taking online Danish language classes that I'm finally getting around to doing.

How will you keep busy? 
I'm working from home for the coming weeks which is keeping me busy. I've reorganized my walk-in closet and will do the same to other parts of my space. Every now and then, I go for a 30-minute walk for fresh air. I've always wanted to learn how to mix music so that I can make my own playlists. Aside from these things, I'm working on a few photo projects that will be exciting to shoot once life gets back on track. 

What is a movie you will definitely watch? 
I'm waiting for 1917 to hit rental. I'm a history buff and my friends are raving about it.  

Portrait by Andreas Pless