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As a part of our maudern people series, we asked New York-based creative consultant Lauren Caruso for insights on modern intimacy. A freelance creative consultant and site director of the Zoe Report, Caruso built her editorial career in New York and is an alum of Refinery29 and Allure. 

With social distancing & quarantine, how has human contact changed for you?
My boyfriend and I are still newly datingit's only been a few months. We're both quarantining with immunocompromised people, so we haven't seen each other in more than a month, but we have nightly FaceTime dates where we talk, work out together, and then watch a movie or a show. We keep each other on FaceTime all night long so it still feels like we're waking up together to say good morning. It's the little things!

We've adjusted by sending each other small's not physical touch, but it still brings us closer. 

How do you make time for intimacy?
The definition of intimacy has definitely changed over the last few weeks. We've adjusted by sending each other small gifts, like lingerie or an article that made us think of each other. It's not physical touch, but it still brings us closer. 

What is your shared goal of the space (or spaces) you occupy?
I'm staying with my family, and it's been nice to have dinner together every single night. We try to keep phones off the table so we can just sit and enjoy each other's company. 

What is a new activity you are planning to try?
The boy and I just started a new workout routine and we're both loving it. I'm also taking the time to start drawing again now that I have the time. 

How will you keep busy?
I'm lucky enough to still have my full-time job, as well as my side gig. I'm also spending a lot more time with my four-year-old nephew, so there's never a dull moment. 

What is a movie you will definitely watch?
We watched Honey Boy together and cannot recommend it enough! Also, for something a little lighter, Somebody Feed Phil is a hilarious Netflix series.