Apr 06, 2020
maude team

As a part of our new maudern people campaign, we asked Los Angeles-based jewelry designer Jess Hannah Révész for insights on modern intimacy in a time of mandated isolation.

What is your relationship status?

With social distancing & quarantine, how has human contact changed for you?
From a physical perspective, immensely. Luckily we have reliable technology to get us through these difficult times and what makes it even more interesting is that the usual rules don't apply. In isolation each of us is equally able to reach out to a close friend or a complete stranger living across the globe with the same exact act, hitting a few buttons. So in some ways, intimacy has increased because it's so easy to form relationships and ties that you otherwise wouldn't. It's a cool opportunity to connect with a stranger and create a new deterritorialized community! We're all alone together, so bring on the phone calls, chats, and virtual video hangouts :).

How do you make time for intimacy?
The most intimate relationship is with yourself. Take care of yourself, realize yourself, study yourself and learn from you! Having that connection with what makes you you is sexy. What does that mean? I'm not sure, maybe taking a bath or dancing around the house donning your finest lingerie.

How has your perspective on your home/space changed?
In terms of my space, I'm spending time rooting myself and cultivating a newfound appreciation for spending time alone. I work from an office with my team and fill most of my spare time with social activities, seldom finding myself in a moment of stillness. Essentially being forced into solitude has made me appreciate the condition. I'm checking in with myself more often. To sit and process all of your thoughts and feelings rather than running on autopilot or redirecting your attention to others is refreshing.

How do you keep busy?
The stay at home order has created a lot of work for us, so our small team has transitioned to working from home but we are lucky to still be on our feet. As a small business owner, I am responsible for keeping this ship afloat amid instability and doing my best to provide for my employees so that nobody's income is jeopardized. Of course, the future is very uncertain, but I'm working harder than ever to provide for my employees and make sure I can continue doing what I love and offering what I can. As our small team connects remotely it's heartwarming to find new ways in which we can support each other. It's important to measure and divide the day though, so downtime has become much more intentional and harnessed. When I'm not steering the J. Hannah ship I'm walking, reading, drawing, dancing, or doing yoga. Of course, CLEANING goes without saying. 

What is a new activity you are planning to try?
I had an untouched box of pastels that I finally devoted some time to the other day. I've also been working on reading! Usually, I'm terrible at it, I have ADD and also am a small business owner, so my mind cannot dedicate itself to the task. I can barely read a chapter without making a to-do list of something totally unrelated. Cut to me several pages in realizing I did not absorb one thing that I scanned. I managed to finish a book over the past few days. It definitely didn't hurt that this with a real page-turner, and there were very few distractions available to derail me.

Do you have a book or movie on your list while home?
I watched I am Love last night! 9/10 only because of the ending ( but I won't spoil it for you!). My friend (who is an actress!) put together a great must watch list of films that I plan to use as my reference. Other options: Orlando (1992), which is streaming from the Criterion Collection site. And I’m streaming video from Nowness, a digital video channel that produces their own interviews, tours, etc. mostly design-oriented.


Jess Hannah Révész is a jewelry designer based in Los Angeles. Révész founded and runs her eponymous line J. Hannah. She also has Ceremony, a curation of modern rings that symbolize love and commitment.