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Jaycina almond.

Jaycina Almond.

As a part of our maudern people series, we asked Atlanta-based model and non-profit founder Jaycina Almond for insights on modern intimacy. Jaycina is the founder of Tender, an organization that makes motherhood essentials available to all by creating a safety net for mothers in crisis and longer-term community.

What is your relationship status?

In a relationship.

How long have you been together? How did you meet?

A little over a year, at a shoot!

In your day to day life, how do you make time for intimacy?

As a mama to the sweetest Pisces 3-year-old babe [Syx], there is plenty of intimacy in my days but I have to be super intentional about carving out space and time for romantic intimacy while dating as a mama.

With social distancing & quarantine, how has human contact changed for you?

I'm so lucky I have Syx because I haven't noticed much of a change. 

You feel most loved when__

little things, the little thoughtful intentional things. 

A favorite literary or on-screen romance:

Patti Smith + Robert Mapplethorpe in Patti's memoir, Just Kids

Unexpected turn-on:


The perfect date:

Getting picked up, doing something that involves our hands like pottery or laser tag, then feed me. That's perfect. If you can work the beach in there somewhere somehow that's even better.

Your in the mood food:

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. 

A sexy or intimate song you love:

Literally any song by D'angelo 

Dating advice to your younger self:

Be selfish, don't make anybody the center of your world.

Favorite scent:

1996 by Byredo