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Intimate grooming 101

Intimate Grooming 101

The basics, no matter your approach. 

Whether you wax, shave, or leave your hair to do its thing, the best thing about personal grooming is the truly personal nature of it.

When it comes to intimate grooming, things get, as you might imagine, more intimate. How you choose to care for hair down there is still entirely up to you, and for some it can be an empowering choice to make. So whether you are newly looking to remove hair, considering growing out your hair, or are looking to switch over to a new grooming routine, we’ve assembled a list of some basics to keep in mind, no matter your approach. 

Wash up.

Some of your intimate hair maintenance starts before you even think about hair removal. Hot water will help to soften the hair, and gently exfoliating with a hand towel, loofah, or scrub will help eliminate dead skin. Both of these practices will make hair removal easier. 

Care for your tools. 

Whether this means a trimmer, tweezer, or razor, be sure these tools are clean (or, in the instance of a razor with disposable blades, new) and disinfected so as not to introduce any bacteria to the area. With razors, regular cleaning can extend the lifespan by eliminating dead skin and soap buildup, too. 

Slip and glide. 

To reduce friction that can result in cuts and irritation, start with a pre-shave oil to moisturize skin and soften hair, then, in the shower, follow up with a shaving cream or mild soap on the external area. This will give your razor some extra glide along the skin. If shaving, be sure to hold the skin in the area taut and shave in the direction of hair growth. 

Get up close.

Don’t be afraid to utilize a mirror when grooming down there–it can be hard to see, and using a mirror will not only help you avoid nicks and cuts, but will help you have more control over the appearance of hair if trimming or selectively removing hair.

Cool down.

If you’ve waxed or received laser hair removal, use a cold compress or ice pack on the area afterwards to reduce swelling and irritation. If experiencing an ingrown hair as a result of your grooming routine, a cold compress comes in handy here, too, and can be applied before using an ingrown oil to calm the area. 

Made for you.

No matter your routine, from shaving to softening hair with an oil, be sure to use non-irritating products formulated with intimate areas in mind. 

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