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Why grooming.

why grooming.

on making skin contact. 

When we set out to create a modern intimacy brand, we understood intimacy as inclusive of more than sex alone. When we expanded into body care with the launch of our bath line, body oil, and massage candles, we wanted to provide an opportunity for a sensory and quiet moment, a moment for intimacy beyond the bedroom

When we decided to expand our intimate body care collection, we turned to the every day. 

At maude, we consider how daily rituals and confidence shape the experience of intimacy—showering and caring for your skin is so much a part of this. We believe that functional products have the ability to support intimacy in our daily lives, to underscore the idea that intimacy is not occasional, but can instead begin with simple moments of care. 

Our holistic approach, from sex essentials, to mood-setting scents, to supplements and body care, is now rounded out by the launch of our grooming line.

Meet shave and soothe, our shave oil and ingrown oil. 

Shave is a moisturizing blend of jojoba, almond, and sesame oils that can be used pre-shave to protect skin and soften hair or while shaving to enhance glide. Soothe, a blend of jojoba, castor, and tea tree oils, is a concentrated ingrown hair oil formulated to soften skin while calming irritation. Our grooming line is dermatologist-tested, safe for sensitive skin, and made for full-body use, including intimate areas. 

Intimate grooming is a uniquely personal moment of body care. We’ve created a line that supports you no matter your preference, be it hair removal or simply softening skin and hair. 

At its inception, maude’s mission was to create an intimacy brand that would be accessible, thoughtfully designed, and for all people. As we reimagine our daily practices, we expand this definition of intimacy, but at the center of it all, our mission remains the same. 

For setting the mood, getting close, and, now, moments of body care, we’re here for you.

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the grooming set moisturizing shave oil and ingrown hair oil
the grooming set
the grooming set
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