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How to send nudes.

how to send nudes.

Ways to enhance your sexting game, whether or not you actually *send* them.

If you, like me, took your first-ever nude photographs on the front-facing camera of a flip phone, you’re more than privy to the knowledge that the nude-scape has changed. Being that we’re all armed with professional-grade camera phones, these days—complete with self-timer and all—the art of the nude mirror pic has graduated to just that, an art form. Gone are the days of blurry mirror crotch shots (unless, of course, that’s your chosen aesthetic—in which case, more power). 

Perhaps it’s a product of quarantine listlessness (read: hornyness), maybe it’s a symptom of our limitless use of photo-based social media feeds, or it could simply be a reclaiming and destigmatizing of the shooting of careful, intentional nude photographs, but either way, whether or not we’re taking nudes with a particular recipient in mind, we’re giving greater attentiveness and finer artistry to the delicate act of birthday suit photography. So, for your next bout of quarantine boredom, might we suggest shooting some nudes? Here are some essential pointers to get you started. 

Set the scene

In this day and age, your nude photos need not be exclusively body shots. Ambiance is plenty welcome. So take some time to consider which of the spaces in your home you’re planning on featuring. Be it a bedroom, a couch, a kitchen shot, a *backyard nude* (always encouraged) take a moment to prime the space. Consider making — or unmaking — the bed. Maybe you wanna tidy up the kitchen first. Maybe you wanna water the plants. Either way, treat this like you would any other photo shoot. Make sure the set does justice to the subject.

Lighting, lighting, lighting

You’re already familiar with the absolute magic of good natural lighting (we’re banking on the fact that you’ve taken a golden hour selfie or two in your day). This applies to nudes too. Pay attention during the day to where the light falls in different spaces in your apartment (you’ll likely want afternoon light).  Maybe use your lunch break for a small-scale nude-shoot. Photograph yourself in a few different rooms and decide where you like the light best. Then strip down, and do your best (worst?).

Know your angles

Again, for any avid taker of selfies, this is not new information. But with the particular art form that is nude, angles are a full body project. Sure, you’ll want to test out a number of positions in search of what you’re most enticed by, but beyond posturing your own body, try placing the camera at different angles. Maybe you want an overhead shot, something from behind, something from the ground looking up. Play around with it. Prop your phone and use a self-timer. There’s no need to stick with the classic straight-on framing. 

Do some self-prep

When engaging in a project as fundamentally sexy as naked photography, you ought to get in the zone. Maybe that means moisturizing or throwing on some pubic hair oil. Maybe it’s brushing your hair or applying a lip color. Maybe it’s as simple as having a glass of wine and putting on a sultry playlist, or watching a favored raunchy film for inspiration. Either way, give yourself some time to get in the zone and tackle whatever personal maintenance tasks (or lack thereof) will make you feel, well, sexy. 

Focus in on a feature you love

It’s only natural to have a “good side” so to speak. But when it comes to nudes, everything is fair game. So whether you’re most enticed by your own underboob, your feet, your belly button, your arms, your hips, take the time to put that part of you front and center. Let it speak for itself. Nudes are all about celebrating your body as art. So, in the process, be affectionate with yourself. Find some joy in seeing yourself on camera. Take the time to come away with visuals that bring you joy.