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Gloria noto.

gloria noto.

As a part of our maudern people series, we asked Los Angeles-based makeup artist and entrepreneur Gloria Noto for insights on modern intimacy. Gloria is the founder of gender-inclusive skincare and beauty brand Noto

What is your relationship status?

How long have you been together?
Just over a year, and it's been amazing since day 1.

How did you meet?
Ash has a magazine called SUITED, and me being a makeup artist, we connected and became friends.  I have had a crush on them since day one though.

In your day to day life, how do you make time for intimacy?
Since we've been home together for the last three months and both work all day long, we like taking moments to make out, touch when we pass each other, hug for a little bit longer, and look into each other's eyes and smile.

You feel most loved when__ 
I think of my partner and how they love me

A favorite literary or on-screen romance: 
Not literary but they are queer artists and activists Claude Cahun and Suzanne Malherbe 

Unexpected turn-on: 
When their hair falls over their eyes and they look at me through It with a soft smile. 

The perfect date: 
Leaving the country for a few weeks together. 

Your in the mood food: 

Drink of choice: 
Mezcal or coffee with a lot of coconut milk in It 

A sexy or intimate song you love: 
anything by D'Angleo  

Dating advice to your younger self:
Don't worry about it, a one night stand is totally normal. Or don't worry about It, you'll get the love you never thought you'd find at the most perfect time of your life.  

Favorite scent: 
my partner's sweat