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Erotica for the ears.

erotica for the ears.

Bedtime stories for adults.

As kids, most of us loved a bedtime story. It was the chance to lie back on our pillows and listen to our parents' voices transport us to new and exciting worlds, letting our imaginations run wild. But somewhere in the midst of growing up, such bedtime rituals fell by the wayside, instead replaced by less whimsical fodder like Law & Order: SVU marathons.

A new app, Dipsea, is bringing back the delight of bedtime stories, but with a decidedly adult twist—they’re basically audio porn (i.e. not the type of stories you want to hear your parents telling …)

Inspired by apps like Headspace that help listeners obtain a certain state of mind, Dipsea aims to help women reach a sense of arousal through short, erotic audio stories.

Why women in particular? Because, aside from Harlequin romance novels, the majority of porn and other sexual media usually caters to men. What’s more, research shows that women often use something known as “mental framing” in order to achieve orgasm, meaning they imagine certain contexts or situations that turn them on.

Whether it’s to help get in a sexy mood before a date, or to warm yourself up for a session of solo sex, Dipsea’s immersive short stories are intended to stimulate the imagination by setting the scene and providing a basic narrative (women are also more inclined to appreciate a backstory for their characters, even in porn). You can choose your level of sexiness and your type of fantasy—sensual, passionate, voyeuristic, etc.—as well as the genders of the characters depending on your preference.

Oh, and if you need a little bit of extra stimulation, we’ve got you.

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