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Daniel dugoff.

Daniel DuGoff.
As a part of our maudern people series, we asked Brooklyn-based designer Daniel DuGoff for insights on modern intimacy. Daniel is the founder and designer of HOMOCO—a queer-friendly swim and summer apparel brand based in Brooklyn, NY. 

What is your relationship status?

Hermetically single.

In your day to day life, how do you make time for intimacy?

Well, I’ve never spent more time with myself than in the last six months in my apartment in Williamsburg. That’s been all-around incredibly intimate.

I generally take two substantial walks each day, usually with a news podcast. A few times in last couple of weeks I’ve gone on walks without listening to the news, and it’s been **very** intimate. Just me, masked and gloved, out in the world.

You feel the most loved when ____

Family or friends call me. Especially my grandmothers. Which is a good reminder to call them both...

How do you meet people?

Umm who knows anymore!? I’m becoming a bigger and bigger fan of staying in touch. Some of the people I’ve talked to the most in the last few months are people I briefly dated years ago. Friends of friends are always good, too.

What is your stance on dating apps? What is a turn-off or something you look for?

Apps are fine, but I’m not looking for an internet pen-pal. Meeting and getting to know someone is the fun part and that needs to be IRL. And I’m pretty anti-IRL at the moment, so I’m off the apps for the time being.

A favorite literary or on-screen romance: 

Batman & Robin

Unexpected turn-on: 

Civic duty

The perfect date: 

April 25th

Your in the mood food: 


Drink of choice: 

Seltzer and anything

A sexy or intimate song you love: 

Diana Ross, The Boss (sexiest breakup song?)

Dating advice to your younger self: 

Don’t buy new clothes for first dates.

What your parents said about love and relationships: 

My parents met in high school and got married in their thirties, so I guess it’s all about the long game.

Favorite scent: