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The benefits of bedroom feng shui.

the benefits of bedroom feng shui.

Whether or not there’s a partner involved.

Like with low-rise jeans and classic martinis, the ancient practice of feng shui has shifted in and out of style throughout the Western world. Years ago, the open floor plan in your office might have been curated around the principles of feng shui. Maybe parts of your college campus were, too. Perhaps your living room was designed accordingly. But chances are, you haven’t considered the energy flow in your bedroom recently—and there’s a case to be made that you should: Some schools of contemporary feng shui posit that bedroom curation can help spice up the quality of your sex life. 

Foundationally, feng shui is based around the idea that you can rearrange your physical space in order to better facilitate energy flow in any given room, thus establishing a sense of harmony between you and your environment. So, it’s plenty logical that a little added attentiveness to interior design might offer some convenient, erotic results—whether that applies to you and your partner, or some sultry solo time. And fortunately, you won’t need to call in an expert to make it happen. Actually, all it takes are a few manageable, little tweaks. Here are some basic ways to get started:

Color We’ve been conditioned to associate colors on the red/pink spectrum with romance. Of course, we’re not prescribing walls in shades of construction-paper-valentine red, but think: mauve tones, hues of brick, pastels in blush or crepe. Even without repainting, a few minor accents can make a difference. Try for salmon sheets or accent pillows, maybe a berry trim on your curtains. Even a touch of these colors can help set the mood. 

Tidiness It’s not that sex in a messy room can’t be plenty fulfilling, it’s just that there is something inherently sensual about a bedroom that feels absent of clutter, paperwork, half-folded laundry  Aesthetically, this one’s pretty obvious, but from the feng shui end, clutter in a room translates to clutter of the mind—and if you’re distracted, you’re far less likely to be totally focused on the task at hand (sex). 

Balance A number of feng shui experts harp on the importance of balance while in bed. If you’ve got the space, it’s recommended that you leave equal room on both sides of the bed, and that you lean into symmetry whenever possible (think: matching nightstands topped with matching lamps). Apparently, balanced decor equates to balance within a relationship. 

Bonus points if you’ve got some literotica stacked on those bedside tables

Lighting There is just nothing terribly sexy about LED lighting. And flattery factor aside, ambient, softer lights are generally a closer reflection of the sorts of light we see in nature, which can allow us a heightened sense of ease. Invest in some tunable light sources with lower watt bulbs (for those matching lamps of yours). 

Clutter Beyond the appeal of having a clean, tidy room, there are a number of things we ought to clear out of our spaces in order to keep the bedroom sacred. For starters, get rid of any objects you associate exclusively with work—laptops, planners, business cards. Even subconsciously, these things can make it that much harder for you to be present. And in that same realm, objects that you associate with exes, unread books, or newspapers and magazines can take up equally weighty space in your brain. You don’t need to burn them or toss them in the trash—just clear them out of your bedroom.

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