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Burn no. 1, the story.

burn no. 1, the story.

When we decided to create our next product, we examined ways to make sex better and more fulfilling. 

Why a massage candle? Because sex starts with the mood. A 2017 study of 40,000 people by the Journal of Sex Research found that setting the mood was the number one thing people did to keep their sex lives active, creating an overall higher level of satisfaction and happiness.

To create our candle, we found a local partner, master scent house Joya, founded by Frederick Bouchardy in 2006. Joya's mission is to design and produce distinctive scented artifacts using simple, locally sourced raw materials, sustainable packaging and ethical production practices.

Over the course of six months, we worked together to craft a scented massage candle that reflects maude’s mission: to make sex better for all. Examining ingredients that create arousal and elevate mood, we went through multiple iterations before landing on a blend that is both warming with notes of amber, cedar leaf, and tonka bean, and bright with lemongrass and rosemary. Built on a base of jojoba oil, burn no 1. is hydrating and absorbs gently into the skin. 

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