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Bond girl.

bond girl.
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In our Happiest Hour series with AMASS botanical spirits, we talk content and cocktails (or mocktails)—giving you everything you need to set the mood.

James Bond, whether played by Daniel Craig or Pierce Brosnan, needs no introduction. His signature cocktail a take on a martini is the Vesper, a combo of vodka, gin, and an apertif. The recipe comes straight from Robby, sales director, and longtime beverage expert, at the Los Angeles-based spirit brand, AMASSBe sure to try a pared-down non-alcoholic version. 

Liquid courage.

Bond Girl

what you'll need for the Vesper:

1.5 oz AMASS Dry Gin
1 oz AMASS Botanic Vodka
0.5 oz Cocchi Americano
Lemon Twist, for garnish

how to do it:
Pour ingredients into a mixing glass/cocktail shaker with ice and stir or shake, depending on your preference. Strain into a chilled glass and garnish with a lemon twist.

for a zero-proof option:

To replace the gin & vodka for your favorite non-alcoholic spirits, and using a strongly brewed white tea in place of the cocchi for a slightly bitter, floral component. Garnish with a lemon twist as with the full-alc version

To watch.

Dive into the past with dramas of the golden age. You won't find any bond villains here, but beautiful landscapes and lusty leads serve as the perfect backdrop for an evening in. Find the list here.

Mood music.

Silky smooth tunes for your imaginary drive through Cannes or from patio of your hotel room. Afterglow includes tunes from Cleo Sol to Grace Carter here.

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