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Anthony saniger.

Anthony Saniger.

As a part of our maudern people series, we asked New York-based founder Anthony Saniger for insights on modern intimacy. Anthony is the founder of Standard Dose—a wellness retailer that highlights high-designed and plant-based products.

What is your relationship status? 
Married to Albert Saniger, Founder of nate

How long have you been together? 
8+ years

How did you meet? 
It was the classic tale of flirting at a bar, but it quickly became a whirlwind of travel, love, and lust.

In your day to day life, how do you make time for intimacy? 

This is the hard part with two entrepreneurs who are pulled in multiple directions. The first thing that’s important for us is to spend some time without technology -- just focused on one-on-one conversations.

With social distancing & quarantine, how has human contact changed for you?
I find myself craving the hugs of my friends and family.

You feel most loved when:
Laying on the couch and getting my back scratched

A favorite literary or on-screen romance:
Bridget Jones & Daniel Cleaver

Unexpected turn-on:
When he assembles furniture (typically my job)

The perfect date:

Your in the mood food:

Drink of choice:
Dom Perignon

A sexy or intimate song you love:
"Partition" – Beyoncé 

Dating advice to your younger self: 
Don’t settle, the right one will come.

Favorite scent:
Heretic Dirty Grass