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A guide to pride, inside.

a guide to pride, inside.

From trans marches to virtual queer karaoke. 

In its standard form, Pride month is no small affair. In fact, just the opposite. Famously, in celebration of LGBTQ+ communities across the country, the 30-day stretch is a glamorous, eclectic mash of eccentric parties, glittered rainbow attire, and important politicized events, discussions, and remembrances. It’s as festive as it is vastly impactful in its acknowledgment of our long-standing history fighting against widespread prejudice in order to exercise our personal freedoms as human beings. 

As a recurring homage to the Stonewall uprising in June of 1969 in New York City, the month of June will forever stand as a symbol of our ongoing fight to push beyond bias in order to protect our right to love, however we see fit. And while large in-person gatherings, major parties, and historic rallies are made impossible by the dangers imposed by the Coronavirus, it’s still Pride — and we won’t let a little social distancing shut it down.