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Will masturbation help you sleep at night?

Will Masturbation Help You Sleep At Night?

Consider it part of a wind-down routine. 

Our so-called “wind-down routines” seem to grow more complex by the day. Once comprised of classic mainstay activities like face-washing and teeth-brushing, we’ve entered the era of 12-step pre-sleep regimens, featuring the likes of: sound machines, pillow sprays, skin serums, CBD tinctures, blue light fasting, sleep meditation, sage-burning — the list goes on (and on, and on). Apparently, a good night’s sleep is a covetable commodity. But here’s a thought: What if you could cancel your sound bath AND your sleep hypnotism appointment in favor of orgasm?

Allow us to explain: Sex, partner play, masturbation, and orgasm writ large may indeed have more (scientifically proven) impact on healthy sleep than hypnotism. According to a survey conducted by The Sleep Foundation, approximately 50% of both men and women say that an orgasm helps them fall asleep and improves their sleep quality. 

Why, you ask? Well, for one, in the midst of orgasm, the body releases a chemical called Oxytocin — which has any number of benefits. It’s the hormone we tend to associate most closely with feelings of love and joy — but also, relaxation, or release. When achieved pre-bedtime, that sensation can translate naturally to drowsiness. 

Moreover, when Oxytocin is released in the brain, it triggers the release of two other hormones as well: Serotonin and Prolactin. We tend to think of Serotonin as the happiness hormone, but, in equal measure, it corresponds to a sense of calm or ease — while studies have shown that spikes in Prolactin can directly induce REM sleep. And in addition to all of that good stuff, sexual activity — be it masturbation or otherwise — helps flush cortisol from the body, which is to say, it can quite literally alleviate your stress (often the reason you’re struggling to fall asleep in the first place).

For folks engaging in partner sex, specifically, recent research has alluded to the fact that different modes of prolonged touch can have a significant impact on sleep quality — so that post coital cuddling might actually be a practical move in the realm of sleep hygiene. But that’s not to discourage solo sleepers by any measure: The real magic lies in the orgasm, self-perpetuated or otherwise.
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