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Holiday house rules.

holiday house rules.

A little down-the-hall separation can make the heart grow fonder.

So you’ve met someone, yay! Someone who’s not only fun to be with, but also likes to leave parties at the same time as you (double yay!). Now it’s time to introduce them to your parents…yay? But after months of sleepovers and having sex at the drop of a hat, staying at your parents’ house has its own set of, shall we say issues.

Many parents of a certain generation are still fairly traditional. They may have come of age during Woodstock and Free Love, but when it comes to you and your partner, that free love comes at a price. Whether it’s for religious reasons, or it’s the way they were brought up, bottom line: if you’re not married, you’re not sleeping together. Yes, parents probably assume that you sleep together when you’re not under their roof – by age 20, 75 percent of Americans have sex before marriage. But just like you hate imagining your parents having sex (shudder), chances are they don’t love the idea of you having it either. 

Sure, it’s annoying for those two nights back home when you’re in your twin bed longing for the touch of your partner, with just a poster of the “Dawson’s Creek” cast to keep you company. And your significant other in the guest room looking at your family pictures and wondering “Dear God, what have I gotten myself into?” But here’s the thing: sleeping in separate rooms can also be pretty amazing. 

Ever go on a week-long trip without your partner, come home and have amazing sex? It’s scientifically proven that absence does make the heart grow fonder. The same principle applies here. Sleeping in different rooms for a few nights only adds to the romantic tension between you and your significant other. With the possibility of sex off the table, holding hands and other signs of affection suddenly become more meaningful. Not to mention, you can focus on getting to know the people responsible for creating your new love. Your relationship is already serious enough that you’re meeting mom and dad, so why not respect their rules? They could be your future in-laws. And if you and your partner never get married – and you stay together long enough – chances are their rules will go away. But if not, enjoy a night or two on your own. Spread out and use up the whole bed!  

And nobody ever said you had to be completely celibate all weekend; take a drive and have your partner show you where they used to make out in high school. And failing that, if you miss each other too much at night, send them a text or give them a call. Who knows? Maybe your parents are on to something.

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