why kissing is important.

why kissing is important.

Nov 11, 2020
maude team

The real reason kissing is important to sex.

There are many theories about why we kiss each other. The Ancient Greeks believed that it was a way for two people to connect their souls, while the less romantically inclined hypothesize that it’s part of evolution, deriving from mothers feeding their infants with their mouths.

One thing that scientists have managed to confirm, however, is that kissing is the way many of us—though we may not realize it—assess a potential mate’s compatibility. Women, in particular, possess a heightened sense of taste and olfactory detection and the exchange of certain pheromonal and hormonal information in fluids like saliva and sebum can give key information about the person we are kissing. Translation: It counts a lot when it comes to sexual attraction.

Locking lips regularly is important in keeping the spark alive (if you’re in a long-term relationship but you don’t kiss, you’re kind of just in a long-term friendship) as well as enhancing sex. After all, kissing is an essential part of foreplay and one of the keys to cultivating intimacy. Think back to your teenage years and just how arousing a good make-out session could be.

So when was the last time you made out with your partner for a really long time rather than just going straight for sex? We thought so. Trust us, the tongue-tangling will be worth it.  

why kissing is important.

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