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Unpacking the bidet.

Unpacking the Bidet.

Can you use a bidet for pleasure? 

Search “bidet” on Reddit and you’ll find thousands (yes, thousands) of queries to the effect of: Why do bidets make me horny? And if you, personally, have had the distinct pleasure of enjoying a bidet, surely you can sympathize. At bottom, we’re talking about a tiny robot, programmed to squirt a dainty stream of water into a major pleasure center (the rectum). And frankly, humans have found far less saucy gadgets equally enticing in the realm of sexual pleasure.

The good news is this: There are, indeed, fun and safe ways to masturbate using a bidet. But, like with any decided form of pleasure, there are cautions. While a bidet stream can certainly feel good, you’re recommended against jacking up the intensity of the stream for the sake of more internal prostate play because the water jet can be strong enough to cause irritation (which can give way to hemorrhoids, inflammation, and even erectile dysfunction). That said, a gentle anal tickle can be an excellent accompaniment to otherwise masturbation tactics (try it with a toy). Let that little stream work its supplemental benefits. 

Also, it’s important to remember that the central purpose of the bidet is to cleanse the anus. Which is to say, so long as you’re not overdoing it, the thing works almost like an enema, so it can be a great way to ensure that you’re feeling clean and pristine back there before sex. 

Better yet, the bidet can be used for female pleasure, too. According to gynecologists, people with vaginas most often orgasm from external stimulation—and the sensation of water streaming in a jet over the clitoral hood and labia can certainly induce pleasure for lots of folks. In fact, friction around the vulva is almost always a major turn-on. What’s more, a bidet can also be used to access other erogenous zones like the perenium (the area between the vaginal opening and the anus)—which can be tough to reach with a hand or a toy while masturbating. 

Au contraire, there is plenty of bacteria to be wary of if you’re using a bidet to stimulate the vulva. Due to the nature of the thing itself, it may be holding onto any number of bacterias or contaminants that can lead to yeast infections or UTIs, so be sure to thoroughly disinfect your bidet before masturbatory use. Oh, and perhaps it goes without saying, but it’s certainly not recommended that you use the bidet for its proper function in the same session as vulva stimulation. 

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