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The lowdown on lube.

the lowdown on lube.

Unwanted friction and dryness during sex has been a problem since basically the beginning of time. While we can’t speak for exactly what cave people used to alleviate the issue, we do know that humans were improvising lubricants as far back as 350BC, when olive oil was the preferred salve. As the centuries progressed, other favored DIY lubes included mashed-up yams, boiled seaweed, and, eventually, KY Jelly (originally a surgical lube), Crisco, and Vaseline.

Of course, lube has come a long way a since then, and these days contains much more pleasant ingredients, like moisturizing aloe vera. There are also plenty of ways you can use it, not only to reduce friction and to supplement the body's natural lubrication, but also to make things generally more pleasurable. Here’s how.

Warm things up with a massage.
While sometimes a quickie is all you need, we’re all for some extended foreplay, especially if it involves a back massage. A couple of pumps of lube will help those fingers work their magic.

Enhance your aquatic play.
Though it makes things slippery, incongruously, water actually isn’t a great lube because it washes away your natural lubricants. A silicone lube is your best bet if you happen to be getting it on in the shower, pool, or sparkling Caribbean body of water. It won’t be sticky and you can still use it with condoms.

Stay slippery while going solo.
A little bit of lube can make a masturbation session a lot more pleasurable (and there’s the added bonus of your hand being extra-soft and moisturized afterward). If you’re using it with a silicone devices or vibrator, make sure you opt for a non-silicone lube, otherwise it can cause them to deteriorate.

Go silicone for anal.
The anal canal is less flexible than the vaginal canal and it also doesn’t lubricate itself, so you’re likely going to need some added lube. Silicone lubricant works best because it’s more slippery and lasts longer than other lubes.

How dryness effects fertility. 

A lot of women experience vaginal dryness, which means their natural lubrication isn't always sufficient. As a result, intercourse can become painful, which studies show can reduce the chances of conception. So using certain lubes—like our shine organic—can increase your chances of fertility by making the process easier and by giving sperm a bit of a boost on its way to glory. Plus, postpartum as the body continues to change, lube can help reinvigorate sex.

For sex and again.

Dryness, unwanted friction, lack of ease are inhibitors to sex as the body ages, due to things like menopause or arthritis. Just like with fertility, lube is an excellent enhancement when things don't work as they used to.

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