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the elusive female orgasm.

It’s generally understood that men have an easier time climaxing than women. Of course, this isn’t always the case—there are women who've been blessed with the ability to experience orgasms with ease—but for many, that coveted climax can be extremely elusive.

An episode of Explained explores this particular mystery and reveals some pretty depressing facts. First up, around 50% of women in the US admit to having faked an orgasm. And, perhaps even more concerning, 16–21% of women either very rarely or have never actually experienced one.

Another study showed that while 95% of heterosexual men regularly orgasmed during sex, only 65% of straight women said the same—compared with 86% of gay women.

So why is it harder for women to climax with men than with other women? Well, for starters, only around 18% of women can orgasm from vaginal penetration alone, which means that in most cases clitoral stimulation isn’t an added bonus—it’s essential.

What’s more, movies and porn have conditioned us to follow what’s known as a “sociosexual script,” which tells us that sex is successful if a man orgasms, but that it’s not so important whether or not a woman does. During sex between two women, on the other hand, there’s usually a lot more communication and “turn-taking,” with a focus on mutual pleasure.

Watch the episode here.
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