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Sex and babylon.

sex and babylon.

Though we might pride ourselves these days on having fewer taboos about sex than ever, it turns out the denizens of Babylon had mastered a similar freedom in fornication more than 4,000 years ago. In fact, the ancient civilization was pretty obsessed with sex in general. Here’s a quick history lesson.

Homosexuality was no big deal ...
Yep—it seems like society regressed when it came to the acceptance of homosexuality. The Babylonians didn’t see it as taboo and expressed it openly.

… Neither was anal sex.
In addition to having no qualms about homosexuality, the people of Babylon also encouraged heterosexual anal sex as a means of contraception.

Sex was always on the menu.
Attend a simple dinner party in Babylon and you were more than likely to end up having sex with at least one person (the question is, would they pair better with red or white?).

Babylon was basically one big bedroom.
Be it a rooftop, a temple, or the town square, everyone was pretty much free to get it on whenever and wherever the mood struck.

Chastity was often considered a sin.
The Babylonians believed that everyone was entitled to, and should have, sex—an admirable philosophy in theory, but it did often blur the lines of consent, so it isn’t really something to be blithely celebrated.

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